Professional Optimiser

Large scale production - with full cost control

The Professional Optimiser has all the features of the Standard Optimiser and is designed for higher volumes of cutting with larger beam saws or an angular saw plant.

It has several additional optimisation algorithms for volume cutting, strip production (rip patterns and crosscut patterns separated), and full sheet (over production allowed to use up full sheets).

EdgingMachining, Pattern AmendmentForms and LabelsSaw Interface, the Parts library and Destacking are included as standard. 

Minimum system requirements



  • The PO module handles up to 20,000 lines (part types) per optimisation, and up to 99999 pieces per line.
  • The optimisation is cost based and balances the increase in average cutting height and faster cutting time with the raw material used.
  • Parts can be grouped and a limit placed on the maximum number of pallet groups that can be open at one time.
  • Advanced parameters allow for parts to be assigned priority, and to limit the number of different board sizes used.
  • Free cut analysis - determines the optimum position to cut a jumbo board into two sizes subject to maximum specified length.
  • Extensive recut parameters allow you to minimise waste and provide additional processing with supported saws/hardware.
  • Mixed material stacks allows patterns that can be repeated in multiple materials (e.g laminates) to be used and sorted to the start of the run.
  • Additional extended recut, head cut and board combinations can be enabled and considered by the optimiser to further minimise waste.
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Magi-Cut is at the core

Magi-Cut is at the core of our cutting operation. Its ease of use, speed and reliability gives us the confidence to offer a level of service on quotes and bespoke orders that is market leading. A really powerful versatile tool that we would not be without

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