Online Label PC

Send and print labels to a networked PC

Available as an optional application, Online Label PC allows the user to design and create their own custom labels within Magi-Cut and print them from a networked machine of their choosing. Use Magi-Cut's powerful label designer to incorporate detailed part information, bar and QR codes, logos, user defined fields and specify different layouts for offcuts and custom parts. When used in conjunction with a touchscreen pc and label printer adjacent to the saw or nesting machine, the operator has access to an intuitive interface and can touch the pattern to print individual or whole sheet labels to meet production demands.  For further details or to book a demo please contact us.

Minimum system requirements




  • Print labels to any networked windows pc
  • Incorporate detailed part information, barcodes, images and user defined fields.
  • Use alternative label designs for specific parts
  • Create labels easily with the Magi-Cut form and label designer.
  • Add label printing functionality alongside virtually any saw or nesting machine.
  • Create specific designs for offcuts