Edges & Laminating

Accurate application and costing of edge-banding materials

Simplify planning by calculating your cut sizes in one straightforward step. Adjust cutting sizes by edge thickness and core trim, giving you the size of each laminate piece and edging strip. The edging layout can be shown on the part label to ensure the correct application of the edge banding.

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  • The edging library holds description, thickness and cost of all of your edging and laminating materials including tape and solid lipping.
  • The edging summary lists total linear measure and cost of each edge material required for each job.
  • The calculation of laminate sizes can include trim allowance and special calculations for post-formed and bull-nosed edges.
  • If you're using a work-cell method then program details for each part can be passed to your edge-bander using bar codes.
  • Provides detailed estimates of edge-banding times and costs for single or double sided edge-banders.
  • Edging layout graphic shows detail of corner treatment including whether adjacent edges butt together or are mitred, and if corner is rounded.

Visual checks ensure accurate data entry

Visual checks ensure accurate data entry

As you enter your edging details for each part you can look at the edging graphic which shows clearly which sides of the part will be edged, and also how the edges will overlap or if they are mitred.

This helps to avoid costly errors in production, as the label for the part printed at the saw can also show the edging instructions and graphic very clearly.

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